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We bring (back) happiness in team work.  By improving individual entrepreneurial skills, team collaboration skills and mentor sessions. We create attractive work environments. And improve team performance. Promised.


PAL-e logoProfessional Agile Leadership – new dates will be announced soon!

A great new course is available! Scrum.org’s Professional Agile Leadership course is a great 2 day workshop in which you as a leader, manager, coach or consultant will learn how to grow Agile teams!

We teamed up with entrepreneur, experienced manager and Agile enthousiast Dennis Weisscher (Uitblinqers) to provide you with a great opportunity to learn, be challenged and inspired.



Entrepreneurability [ahn-truh-pruhnur-uh-bil-i-tee] 



  1. To enable entrepreneurial abilities (taking initiative, making strategic and business decisions, innovate and bear the risk)
  2. To bring to life ideas, talents and skills in an economy driven by purpose.

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Connect met 4 generaties
op de werkvloer 

Na deze workshop herken je de drivers, de motivatie van ieder van de generaties.
En kun je ze gebruiken bij het blijven bouwen aan een geweldig team!


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