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We bring (back) happiness in team work.  By improving individual entrepreneurial skills, team collaboration skills and mentor sessions. We create attractive work environments. And improve team performance. Promised.




Entrepreneurability [ahn-truh-pruhnur-uh-bil-i-tee] 



  1. To enable entrepreneurial abilities (taking initiative, making strategic and business decisions, innovate and bear the risk)
  2. To bring to life ideas, talents and skills in an economy driven by purpose.

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Connect met 4 generaties
op de werkvloer 

Na deze workshop herken je de drivers, de motivatie van ieder van de generaties.
En kun je ze gebruiken bij het blijven bouwen aan een geweldig team!


Naar de generaties workshop Naar resultaten onderzoek

Why entrepreneurial skills matter?

Listen to what others say
  • “Google is looking for entrepreneurial nerds. People with great knowledge and a passion for building stuff. As a side effect, or byproduct something valuable comes out of it.“
    David E. WeeklyProduct Manager at Google
  • "A company will get nowhere if all of the thinking is left to management"
  • “The biggest of all mega trends is not tech: it’s people: The Millennial Workforce. If you learn to communicate well with them: you’ll get the tech done."
    Dr. Waguih S. IshakVP & Chief Technologist at Corning Research & Development Corporation
  • "We just have the courage to do, in stead of talk about things."
    Samanta SvolkinaitėStudent (+ Millennial)

An economy driven by purpose...

How do entrepreneurial skills and ways of working benefit the way we work in an economy driven by purpose? (5 min video).

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