“Terrabyte-technology like AI and machine learning need the Millennial workforce”

“So we need to adapt to their needs. Listen to them. Be a one minute manager in stead of continously on their back, provide resources and time, leverage others to let them work and: be a marketing driven organisation. They want to make an impact”, says Dr. Waguih S Ishak, VP & Chief Technologist at Corning Research & Development Corporation Silicon Valley, CA at the Lunch Lecture at High Tech Campus today.

“Be market driven, have sustainable purpose
and let Millennials have the impact”

“Millennials want to make impact and have a sustainable goal. They ask different questions than others. Like: are you paying for my medical? Quit doing that, I’m healthy I will be fine without it. And: I need 60 days of leave, because I like to travel”, says Isahk at the lecture. This workforce tends to be much more entrepreneurial and have different outlook on life. “We just have the courage to do, in stead of talk about things. I do have to say that I’m not impressed by human resource departments. It needs to be updated quickly, to attract students like me”, says Samanta SvolkinaitÄ—, a student looking for an internship a while ago. “If I can easily prepare for an interview by looking up standard questions, I am not challenged. And we do want money, but want other things in our jobs too, business travel and creating a good network.”

“The biggest of all mega trends is not tech: it’s people: The Millennial Workforce.
If you learn to communicate well with them: you’ll get the tech done.”

Without being blind followers, we will need to adapt to those demands. “We need them to be a part of these mega trends to develop: AI and machine learning, the new step in big data for instance. Or building autonomous cars. We at Corning Research & Development need these young engineers, to do the research”, says Ishak. “In the US alone we need 1,5 billion engineer in the coming 10 years. Half of which will work in the Valley. And they will come from China, India, Germany, Hungary and Czech Republic and from Holland.”

“Megatrends like AI and machine learning need
Milllennials to realize them: to connect the two is the essential trend.”

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