How to get ready for the next big workforce

“Millennials are overtaking the workforce as we speak, which really is not a bad thing if you know how to keep this generation within your organization. They bring a lot of fresh ideas and energy to work every day. I get that managers might be cautious about the new generation. This might be caused by the fact that they are often viewed as being attention sponges, but with the right mentoring they can really bring your organization to the next level.

According to the Deloitte Millennial survey (2016) it has become clear that millennials might be willing to stay longer within organizations then most people think. It was found out that the group of millennials who stayed longer than 5 years in an organization was twice as big if they were properly mentored.

The millennials are looking for a purpose in their job. They are the most socially conscious generation that has ever existed. This means that their work needs to fulfill in this purpose as well. Their work needs to give them the opportunity to grow, to make new friends and most importantly they want to see their work really contribute to a larger purpose.

“So what millennials need is proper guidance. They have high expectations from the company they work for, they want a clear map that will guide them to success. In return for this they will happily work hard for you.”

This clear map is all about setting goals, making sure they are well prepared for their tasks and about having moments of time together to see how everything is going. As I said, millennials are very socially conscious, they really like it when someone takes some time to look at their issues.

Mentoring millennials can drain a lot of energy out of your managers if it is not done in the proper way. Millennials never take the ordinary road so why would that change if it comes down to ways of mentoring? In my next blog I will talk about three ways of mentoring that have been proven to be very succesfull when it comes to guiding millennials.”

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