No value without Producers

What is the role of the producer in the Value for Value model? How can a producer contribute to delivering value? Why do these people actually call producers? In this post, we consider the critical role of the producer in enabling value. And the direct feedback loop for the value delivered in the Value for Value model.

Introduction of the producer

In thet Value for Value model the user of a service determines its value himself. this value is given directly to the creators. A fair model that gives independence to the makers and initiates a direct feedback loop. This means that when there is a lot of value in it, the users give it back and with little value you will also see the rating decline. Users and makers work together to maximize the value delivered. We call the users who deliver the self-determined value a producer.

What is a producer?

With his or her contribution, a producer enables the creators of a service to deliver more value or to continue to deliver value. You mainly come across this term in the entertainment industry and media. A definition:

A producer is a person or organization that has the business and financial direction of an artistic process. (Source)

And that is exactly what happens. Because the producer determines what is possible with their contribution. Without their contribution no service and the greater the contribution the more is possible. This can be a financial  contribution, but also in other areas. For example, by returning a service in return. In the case of the‘No Agenda Show producers, in addition to transferring money, producers can also return value by helping to program the site. Or moderate their own social network. Making cover art for episodes etc.

Producers in ecology

Perhaps even more striking is the definition of a producer in ecology:

In ecology, producers are the autotrophic organisms that underlie the carbon cycle of the world’s ecosystems. Autotrophic organisms produce the organic substances that heterotrophic organisms need to be able to live. (Source)

Therefore, without a contribution from producers, there is no possibility at all to deliver value.

Become a producer yourself?

Current technology makes it possible for users of the services to return value at a time that is convenient for them. Entrepreneurability also makes their services (blogs, podcasts, workshops, training courses) available to everyone. These services are not free, but you decide what the value is. Help us deliver or continue to deliver more value by  becoming a producer ourselves

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