Value for Value in real life

In practice, everyone has already come into contact with this model. In principle, the street music or the organ in the shopping street plays for free. Yet the instrument case is in front of the artist or a bowl of coins is rattled rhythmically to invite you to share your value for the service (music) provided. You are not obliged to give anything. Can this work out? Apparently yes, as long as enough people give money and this outweighs the time and costs incurred by the musician, this works very well. The better the artist and the busier the street, the more he will earn. More examples from our practice.

Spontanious coaching conversation

We have not applied this model (yet!) an a large scale, but during one of the first conversations I had with Susanne (co-founder Entrepreneurability) about the Company of Owners model turned this conversation into a coaching conversation for myself.
The conversation was so valuable to me that I asked her to send an invoice for this. At first she refused this, but after some insistence an invoice came with the value that I thought the conversation had.  Value for value!

Workshop with more value

One of the first workshops I sold was at a large software development organization. The supervisor was enthusiastic about the content of my proposal that I had made. He saw the value and saw me, with my experience, as the right person to lead this workshop. Hi knew that I had just started as an independent entrepreneur and asked me to charge a higher amount for the workshop. You deliver much more value than you ask for now! Feel free to double this amount! I asked too little value for the value I delivered!

Determine the invoice amount yourself

The last organization I worked for organized special theme evenings for further deepening for former students. These evenings were free but at the end of the evening we asked for feedback and what they thought was the value of this evening. This amount would be on their  invoice. As a yardstick, we indicated an estimated value of approximately 400 euros.

You may also have practical examples of your own, we are curious!

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