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Entrepreneurability [ahn-truh-pruh–nur-uh-bil-i-tee]


  1. To enable entrepreneurial skills (take initiative, make strategic and business decisions, innovate and bear the risk)

  2. Bringing ideas, talents and skills to life in an economy of purpose.

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In just a few minutes you will be introduced to the entrepreneurial skills. By means of a few questions you come to a concrete first action to improve these skills in your organization.

A self-assessment that is exactly what it says, assess yourself. We do not believe in success formulas, tricks and shortcuts. Your situation is unique and you know it best. We can only try to inspire you!

Just do it, it only takes a few minutes!

This keeps us busy ...

Entrepreneurial Abilities

The ability to make optimal use of the production factors is entrepreneurship: initiative, decisions, innovation, accepting consequences and guts.

Value for Value Model

Learn more about the model in which the user determines the value of the services or content provided. The user transfers that value whether this is money or something else of value, for example in the form of feedback.

The Voice of the System

The Voice of the System are people who don't just have (and share) their individual opinion or vision. They feel and share what is happening in the system. The book will be published soon!

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