“Dromen is veilig” in gesprek met Saskia van Harten (Stal Rhosyr)

Deze week spreek ik met Saskia van Harten. Zij is ondernemer en heeft haar meisjesdroom van het hebben van een huis met een groot erf realiteit zien worden.Zelfs meer dan dat! De extra ruimte die ontstond heeft zij aangegrepen om een vakantieappartement te beginnen in de voormalige kantine van een paardenmanege en vakanties aan te […]

Einde van het kantoor?

Deze week bespreek ik samen met co-founder van Entrepreneurability Susanne van Dijk een thema dat ons de afgelopen tijd allemaal heeft bezig gehouden. Thuiswerken en vooral weer werken op kantoor. Hoe gaat dit er uit zien, wat werkt en wat niet. Veel grote organisaties zoals de ABN AMRO, dat zelfs nog maar maximaal 2 dagen […]

What is Entrepreneurability about? – Blogpost

Traditionally to make a product or provide service you need three primary factors. First, we need resources: like land, water or wind. Let’s call these resources.  Secondly we need time and money, starting or scaling capital.  For the sake of simplicity  let’s referred to this as the monetary component. Third, we need labor resources, or […]

Are you an entrepreneur or just minding the shop? – blogpost

Recently, I was listening to an item on the Dutch radio on research about employment and management. It stated that companies fear a lot of people will leave their company and look for a new challenge. With the economy back on track this is nothing new. However, politicians and unions are screaming for raises! Research […]

Coffeecast #5 – Any Questions?

Children naturally wonder. They ask questions out of open-mindedness and curiosity. Without thinking about what anyone else will think of this question. Just do it. This partly determines their learning experience. You would say that as we get older, we become more adept at this. Unfortunately we tend to ask less questions!

Coffeecast #4 – Bear the risk of your decisions

Imagine you receive a memo from your boss saying: “There is a difference between giving up and knowing when you have had enough. I have had enough and realise I cannot work with you, the people I employ, a moment longer” That’s intense. Your boss has the right to take a decision like this. Bearing […]

Coffeecast #3 – Vital jobs, am I still in the right job?

This episode made me realise is that I can spend hours on creating and making things. Watching videos, reading articles and applying and practicing it on the projects on our property. I never seem to have that drive with Scrum and Agility. I believe the last couple of months we have seen what will make […]

Coffeecast #2 – Stop hiring people, make them owner!

If you have an idea but no funding or you have a little time to spare you can easily apply this model.  The format of the Company of Owners host gigs for people who contribute, without the risks of employment on a fulltime basis. You can pull knowledge and skills from a large pool of […]