Rethink offices: Less distractions, more collaboration


While writing this post you are probably working from home. Or many of your colleagues are. I hear from many...


Rethink modus operandi before corona crisis ends!


Now that we are a few weeks into this global corona crisis. Most organisations have found a way to deal...

We’ve gone too soft on soft skills


Over the last couple of decades we have been training our management in developing so called soft skills. There is...

I know who it was, he left the company


It’s that season again. LinkedIn is flooded with people sharing the news of a new job. What I notice is,...

As busy as I want to be, having these principles


Last summer during a social event at Agile 2019 in Washington D.C. I had an interesting conversation with a fellow...

3 things to make a giant leap towards Agility


I believe there are three things you need to do regardless of the framework, methodology or program you are embracing...

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