We’ve gone too soft on soft skills


Over the last couple of decades we have been training our management in developing so called soft skills. There is...

I know who it was, he left the company


It’s that season again. LinkedIn is flooded with people sharing the news of a new job. What I notice is,...

As busy as I want to be, having these principles


Last summer during a social event at Agile 2019 in Washington D.C. I had an interesting conversation with a fellow...

3 things to make a giant leap towards Agility


I believe there are three things you need to do regardless of the framework, methodology or program you are embracing...

voice of the system header

A new voice a leader should listen to


Have you ever asked for someone to speak on behalf of the group? Do you always hear the same people speak up when you present a new idea or when you ask for feedback? You might be dealing with an important voice here. The voice of the system!


Hoe je gedrag in organisaties wel kunt veranderen!


Het boek dat ik op dit moment aan het lezen ben is ‘ De Ladder’ van Ben Tiggelaar. Een boek...

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