Heroverweeg modus operandi voordat de coronacrisis eindigt!


Nu we een paar weken in deze wereldwijde coronacrisis zitten. Hebben de meeste organisaties een manier gevonden om met de operationele uitdagingen om te gaan. Ik hoop dat leiders in organisaties die economisch getroffen zijn door deze coronacrisis, hun focus verleggen. Strategieën maken voor wat er zal gebeuren nadat deze lockdown of andere beperkingen zijn […]

Magic Estimation Matrix – estimating effort and value in 15 minutes!


The best way to negotiate is with torsos angled, often at 90 degrees to one another. This avoids the face-to-face confrontational element whilst also allow looking at the other person’s face. This position enables having an open conversation. What we thought, would this approach also work with large group estimations on effort and value? But […]

Are you an entrepreneur or just minding the shop?

(U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Lance S. Cheung)

Recently, I was listening to an item on the Dutch radio on research about employment and management. It stated that companies fear a lot of people will leave their company and look for a new challenge. With the economy back on track this is nothing new. However, politicians and unions are screaming for raises! Research […]

3 tips for fast growing companies


‘You are likely to get management approval for a 500 dollar expense…..but you can call a 1-hr meeting with 20 people and no one notices’. Some time ago, I saw this statement in an image on LinkedIn. I could not help to grin a little and I bet for most of you this is very […]

The autonomy and alignment experiment


Recently, we hosted a small event on ‘self organisation’. This was an informal and highly interactive session. We kick started with an experiment which I think is worth sharing. Goal of this experiment is to see how people react when given a simple task with a combination of high or low autonomy and alignment. How does this […]