Free comes with a great price – Podcast

Can you do something about the price for me? Is there still some discount in it? What is the minimum rate that you ask? The negotiation of the price often only follows after people have been persuaded of the potential value. The customer wants the lowest possible rate (preferably free) to prevent an incorrect estimate […]

The street musician’s strategy

Everyone has already come into contact with the concept of Value for Value. In a busy street where everyone is shopping, the atmosphere of relaxation is enhanced by a beautiful piece of music played by a street musician. This performance takes place anyway, the instrument case in front of the artist invites you to share […]

We are going to do it completely differently!

We do not have a price list for our services! You determine the price! Why do we embrace the Value for Valie model? This has everything to do with why we started Entrepreneurability. What we do is create content that inspires you, makes you think and takes action. This may provide value for you. How […]