Free comes with a great price

Can you do something about the price for me? Is there still some discount in it? What is the minimum rate that you ask? The negotiation of the price often only follows after people have been persuaded of the potential value. The customer wants the lowest possible rate (preferably free) to prevent an incorrect estimate […]

Why we are going ‘Value for Value!

This article is not free. But how much is it worth? I spend some time thinking about this topic, I write something, read back. But what is the value of this article? That differs per individual. Will this article help you pass the time? Or are you in a quest for the ultimate definition of […]

Value for Value in real life

In practice, everyone has already come into contact with this model. In principle, the street music or the organ in the shopping street plays for free. Yet the instrument case is in front of the artist or a bowl of coins is rattled rhythmically to invite you to share your value for the service (music) […]

No value without Producers


What is the role of the producer in the Value for Value model? How can a producer contribute to delivering value? Why do these people actually call producers? In this post, we consider the critical role of the producer in enabling value. And the direct feedback loop for the value delivered in the Value for […]

The emergence of the Value for Value Model.

What is the compensation you ask for the services you provide? Do you determine the value it represents or do you leave this to the user of the service? The “Value for Value” model puts the question what the value of a service is to the user himself. How did that come about? What are […]