It’s that season again. LinkedIn is flooded with people sharing the news of a new job. What I notice is, some people, who I would identify as a voice of the system, left their company. Whatever reason these people had to leave, I believe the leadership team of these companies should take a deep and […]

A new voice a leader should listen to

voice of the system header

Have you ever asked for someone to speak on behalf of the group? Do you always hear the same people speak up when you present a new idea or when you ask for feedback? You might be dealing with an important voice here. The voice of the system!

Forget building trust, focus on psychological safety

Imagine this, you are at the weekly company meeting in a room of 60 people. All of them are co-workers who you have been working with for several years. And there has always been a feeling of openness, respect and the ability to discuss new or other ideas. You feel there is safety! While the […]