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How to get ready for the next big workforce

“Millennials are overtaking the workforce as we speak, which really is not a bad thing if you know how to keep this generation within your organization. They bring a lot of fresh ideas and energy to work every day. I get that managers might be cautious about the new generation.

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A video that explains what we do and how Entrepreneurability enhanced your team.

What is Entrepreneurability about (video)

The entrepreneurial abilities to optimize the utilization of the production factors is entrepreneurship (or entrepreneurability). This involves four elements: Taking initiative – Action oriented and driven by forward motion Strategic business decision making – Based on a clear vision and strategy being able to make decisions Innovation – Exploring and

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Mastery – and the story of work

It felt a bit like listening to a fairy tale at a warm fire on a autumn afternoon. This afternoon, when Laurens Knoop, founder of The School of Life Amsterdam, walked his audience of about 40 people  through the ancient wisdoms of Parcifal, Darwin, Michelangelo, Aristoteles and the titan fight of martial

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My first year being an entrepreneur

Last week I celebrated my first birthday being an official entrepreneur! To clarify, I celebrated being an official entrepreneur, because I have been an entrepreneur my entire work life disguised as an employee. When the company limited me in executing my entrepreneurial abilities, I left. Last year I decided to

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