Leer hier alles over Ondernemende Vaardigheden

(U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Lance S. Cheung)

Are you an entrepreneur or just minding the shop?

Recently, I was listening to an item on the Dutch radio on research about employment and management. It stated that companies fear a lot of people will leave their company and look for a new challenge. With the economy back on track this is nothing new. However, politicians and unions

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3 tips for fast growing companies

‘You are likely to get management approval for a 500 dollar expense…..but you can call a 1-hr meeting with 20 people and no one notices’. Some time ago, I saw this statement in an image on LinkedIn. I could not help to grin a little and I bet for most

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Wat zijn ondernemende vaardigheden?

Om een product te maken of service te verlenen, heeft u traditioneel drie primaire factoren nodig. Ten eerste hebben we middelen nodig: zoals land, water of wind. Laten we deze bronnen noemen. Ten tweede hebben we tijd en geld nodig, startkapitaal of schaalkapitaal. Laten we dit voor de eenvoud de

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