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The 4 generations on the workfloor

We have conducted research among employees and prospective employees from generation Y (Millennials) and generation X into what makes a job attractive to them. That yielded interesting data! It turns out: they are not as different as it seems…. The new employees (from generations Y and Z) are eager to accelerate that renewal. We also give employees from generation X and the Baby Boomers a jobcraft, but do they want that? And what about all that freedom in the content of work for gene Y and Z? Do they want that? Well no, they do not!

It will surprise you that the differences between generations here are smaller than is claimed in the current media. Is what works so much differently with generation Xs? Well, no. According to our research, generation X people, with a few minor nuances, want the same things: good atmosphere, autonomy and growth. For example, a quiet workplace is more important for them than for gene Y, they are looking for contact: they like to work together with different departments and colleagues.

Bron: Dijk, F.S. van (2018), Wat maakt een organisatie aantrekkelijk voor millennials? Employer branding in een krappe arbeidsmarkt. Entrepreneurability.