Workshop & Training

Are you interested in the concept of ‘entrepreneurability’ and would you like to experience its dynamics? There are three options we can offer we:

Experience Entrepreneurability Format:
The Company of Owners
We can provide you with a 2 to 4 hour workshop in which you learn about the concept and through a simple simulation of the model.

During this session you will learn more about this concept and why it makes sense and experience and explore what it means to work for such an environment.

Entrepreneurial skills 1-day training
During this one day training for employees and their departments we will introduce you to the 4 skills an entrepreneurial employee possesses and will explain in short how to develop those skills:

  • Taking initiative – Action oriented and driven by forward motion
  • Strategic business decision making – Based on a clear vision and strategy being able to make decisions
  • Innovation – Exploring and experimenting
  • Bearing risk – taking the consequences of the previous three elements regardless the outcome.

Act like you workshop
After this workshop you’ll recognize the employees that act like they work, in stead of work. Not only because they hide the fact that maybe they are not as motivated as they want. Also because of that lacking the power to bring ideas to life, inspire others or be an ambassador of the company.

Introduction to company formats
In this 2-4 hour introduction we’ll give you an overview of new company formats used by companies world wide to drive entrepreneurability.

Free formats
Leave us a message and we will contact you to explore the possibilities of a free format program.